Trump forced to delete Facebook video honoring vets after Cruz campaign points out they're Russians
Russian vets being honored by Donald Trump on Facebook - screen grab

Friday was not a particularly good day on social media for aspiring GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump.

After being criticized for retweeting a post from a Nazi-sympathizer's account, the Trump campaign was forced to pull a video from the candidate's Facebook page because the veterans the billionaire was honoring were Russian soldiers.

According to The Blaze, the video in support of U.S. military personnel contained stock footage from Shutterstock of Russian vets wearing medals featuring the hammer and sickle.

Staffers from rival Ted Cruz's campaign were quick to notice the small detail that was not caught by Trump's social media people, and posted screenshots of the medals with the comment: "Interesting choice for a photo of veterans in this video."

Clicking on the link to Trump's Facebook page shows that the video is gone, with no explanation.

Tweet from Cruz staffer Josh Perry below: