Trump: Sarah Palin would serve a role in my administration if she wanted to
Sarah Palin (Photo: Facebook)

Donald Trump confessed that he's considering Sarah Palin for a possible cabinet position.

"I haven't discussed anything with her about what she'd do, but she's somebody I really like and I respect, and certainly she could play a position if she wanted to," Trump said Wednesday on NBC's "Today."

The Republican frontrunner said he hasn't considered a possible running mate yet, but he said Palin -- who endorsed her fellow reality TV star Tuesday in Iowa -- would certainly be considered.

"She's been through that," he said, referring to Palin's unsuccessful 2008 vice-presidential bid with Sen. John McCain. "Every candidate wanted Sarah -- everybody. They all respect her a lot."

Trump insisted that Palin's endorsement was not tied to his consideration for a possible cabinet-level post if he was elected president.

"She never said, 'Gee, I'd like to do this, I'd like to do that,'" Trump said. "She never made a deal, like so many people want to try to make deals. She just said, 'I really like what's going on. It's an amazing thing. I've never seen anything like it in politics.'"

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