Watch this British actor hilariously turn Donald Trump into a cockney 'tough guy'
Republican presidential candidate businessman Donald Trump speaks at a veteran's rally in Des Moines, Iowa on Jan. 28, 2016. (Reuters/Rick Wilking)

Actor Peter Serafinowicz's attempt to take Donald Trump -- or at least his speeches -- "across the pond" are gaining traction online, the Telegraph reported.

The Look Around Me and Shaun Of The Dead star's short clip "Donald Thump" has gained more than 215,000 views on YouTube after being released on Thursday, and reimagines a speech from Republican presidential front-runner in Iowa last week with a "tough guy cockney accent."

"Blimey - ’e loves ‘ittin that ‘illary! (all words verbatim)," Serafinowicz said on Twitter.

The clip is a sequel to "Sophisticated Trump," which takes a Trump interview from last month ripping Hillary Clinton and turns it into an "upper-class" monologue, complete with soothing piano music. That video has been seen more than 960,000 times.

Watch Serafinowicz's Cockney take on a Trump speech, as posted online, below.

And the "sophisticated" version can be seen here.