Adult film company offers Ted Cruz $1 million to star in his boyhood fantasy 'teen t*t film'
Senator Ted Cruz at CPAC (Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

An adult film company that specializes in celebrity skin flicks has offered Texas Sen. Ted Cruz $1 million for his Republican presidential bid if he is willing fulfill his boyhood dream of starring a teen "tit flick."

According to latter obtained by TMZ, Vivid Entertainment head Steve Hirsch sent a letter to the Cruz campaign offering to make an adult film with the Texas senator if he is willing to "show off his sexual prowess for the whole world to see."

In a video released last month, a young Ted Cruz professed, "My aspiration is to, oh, I dunno, be in a teen tit film like that guy who played Horatio. You know, he was in Malibu Bikini Beach Shop?”

Cruz later admitted that he sought "world domination"- hence his presidential run.

Hirsch noted the Cruz's budding desire to be in a sex film in his letter, saying, "I noticed one goal was to be a porn star and I want to give you a chance to do just that."

"I will donate $1 million to to your campaign through any Super Pac you want. In return all you need to do is show off your sexual prowess for all the world to see."

Hirsch also said he would be amenable to making the film in Cruz's "home country of Canada."

Screenshot of the letter below, via TMZ:

Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 9.08.23 AM