Bill Maher rips into latest GOP debate: 'It was a new low' and the 'clear loser was America'
HBO host Bill Maher - (Twitter screengrab)

Two days after a GOP debate turned into a shout-fest, Real Time host Bill Maher called it a "new low" before claiming that "the clear loser was America."

The HBO host was unsparing in criticism of GOP presidential candidates Donald T Rump, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz.

"I'll fill you in if you missed the debate," Maher stated. "It kind of looked like a really disgusting Cuban sandwich. There was Rubio on one side and Cruz on the other and a fat slab of cheesy ham in the middle."

He then went on to compare the debate to the Alamo.

"I thought it was very fitting that it was in Texas," he smirked." Because it reminded me of the Alamo. The Mexicans were the enemy and the clear loser was America."

Watch the video below uploaded to Twitter by Real Time: