Cenk Uygur: Failed anti-Beyoncé protest reveals 'the power of the right wing in America'
'Young Turks' host Cenk Uygur discusses an anti-Beyoncé protest on Feb. 16, 2016. (YouTube)

The sight of an empty street where there was supposed to be a protest against Beyoncé, Cenk Uygur said on Tuesday's Young Turks, should be enough to get progressives to stop being afraid of conservative mock outrage.

"Literally no one. No one," he said over a display of a picture taken at the failed event in New York City earlier in the day. "You want to see the power of the right wing in America? That's it right there."

As the Guardian reported, the alleged event -- which was supposed to criticize the singer for paying homage to the Black Panthers during her Super Bowl performance -- drew just three people, as opposed to the 30 or so who showed up outside the National Football League's headquarters to counter-protest.

"The right wing huffs and they puff and they pretend to represent 'real Americans,'" Uygur argued. "It's super ironic, 'cause in reality, they have no support at all."

In reality, he argued, progressive policy stances consistently enjoy wider support than those supported by conservatives in polls.

"This whole 'right-wing outrage, it's all lies," he said. "I've done the stories where they send in 'thousands of letters to Congress.' You know what it is? It's the same letter. It's a 'think tank' funded by corporations, prints out the same letter with different names on it and sends it in."

Co-host Ana Kasparian wondered if the protest fizzled because of the negative attention it was receiving before Tuesday.

"I don't know if there were a ton of people to begin with," she said. "But they did get a ton of negative attention. They did get counter-protesters. So maybe they got somewhat intimidated and realized, 'Hey, maybe we don't want to show our racist faces on camera.'"

Watch Uygur and Kasparian's commentary, as aired on Tuesday, below.