The daughter of a Pennsylvania police officer convicted of a street assault on a gay couple in 2014 has asked the court to set aside her jail time in lieu of public service so that she can "heal some wounds, " reports

Kathryn Knott, 25, was sentenced to five to 10 months in county jail of Feb. 5, after being convicted by a jury for misdemeanor assault, undertaken with two male accomplices.

While her two companions agreed to plea deals in return for probation, Knott elected to plead innocent and go to trial -- only to be found guilty on four lesser charges while being acquitted on the more serious felony charge of assault.

According to her attorney, William Brennan, she should have received a similar sentence as her compatriots and that she shouldn't "be punished for exercising her constitutional right to a trial."

Brennan stated his client is serving her sentence "quietly and with dignity" and that she will "be out in a few months either way," so community service could "turn it into something positive."

According to the attorney, Knott could use her release to "take the infamy of the arrest and maybe heal some wounds."

Knott is using the 10-day window allotted to her to ask the judge to reconsider her sentence.

She has until early March to decide whether to appeal her case.