'F*ck you!': Indiana workers react with outrage after being told their jobs are moving to Mexico
Carrier Air Conditioner employees being told they are losing their jobs - (YouTube screen grab)

In a video uploaded to YouTube, a gathering of workers at an Indianapolis air conditioning manufacturing plant are stunned and enraged when told they'll soon be out of work because the company is moving their jobs to Mexico.

The large crowd of employees of a Carrier Air Conditioner manufacturing plant in Indianapolis can be seen milling around as a speaker -- dressed in a suit and standing on a stage -- addresses them and gives them the bad news.

“The best way to stay competitive and protect the business for long-term is to move production from our facility in Indianapolis to Monterrey, Mexico,” the man can be heard explaining.

The crowd reacts with shouts of outrage, including one man who can be heard yelling, "F*ck you."

Following that bombshell, he adds that the local distribution center will also be closed, putting more people out of work.

After attempting to calm the crowd down saying he had important information that employees will want to know for the future he explains that the move is being made to "ensure high levels of [manufacturing] quality."

He goes on to provide them with the cold comfort that "It is important that you understand that there will be no impact on jobs today."

According to Fox News, the closures will put over 1,400 people out of work.

Watch the video below via YouTube: