Friend of Marco Rubio tells CNN she's 'concerned for his health' because of robotic speeches
CNN contributor Ana Navarro (screen grab)

CNN commentator Ana Navarro said on Monday that as a personal friend of Marco Rubio she became "concerned for his health" after he seemed unable to stop repeating the same lines during a weekend debate.

After GOP hopeful Chris Christie called out Rubio for using canned talking points at Saturday's Republican Presidential Debate, the Florida senator shocked onlookers by saying that President Obama knows "exactly what he's doing" several more times.

"Ana, you're a friend of Marco Rubio's," CNN host Alisyn Camerota pointed out on Monday. "Have you had a chance to talk to him about what went wrong during that debate?"

Navarro admitted that as a supporter of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush she "was not doing much talking" with Rubio in recent days.

"But I was sitting four rows away from the debate, it was an incredibly intense moment," she recalled. "Chris Christie went at him with everything he had."

"I've got to tell you this," she added. "By the fourth time he was repeating the exact same words verbatim, I was concerned for his health. Just because Marco is too good."

Navarro said that she couldn't explain Rubio's performance, but speculated that he was "over-caffeinated and over-rehearsed."

"And somehow his cables got crossed," the GOP strategist concluded. "You know, short-circuited. And it was very weird."

Watch the video below from CNN's New Day, broadcast Feb. 8, 2016.