Jimmy Kimmel mocks Trump and the racist 'numbskulls' who support him in hilarious 'Producers' spoof
Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane (YouTube)

Donald Trump's surprisingly successful presidential campaign has been compared before to "The Producers" -- the film and Broadway hit about two producers who scheme to get rich from a flop but wind up with an unlikely hit.

Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick reprised their roles from the award-wining Broadway musical in a Trump-themed spoof Sunday night on "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

"It's a story that starts off funny, then gets really, really depressing," a voiceover promises in the spoof trailer for "Trumped."

Instead of attempting to cheat investors in "Springtime for Hitler," the pair decide to rip off donors by running a terrible presidential candidate.

“This candidate, he's got to be the worst candidate in history,” says Lane, as Max Bialystok. “A real trainwreck -- schmuck, putz, gold-plated nincompoop. Where would we find a buffoon like that?”

They spot Trump talking about his desk on television, and inspiration strikes.

But their plan goes awry when Trump succeeds beyond all reasonable expectations, thanks to the support of "numbskulls" and "crazy, old, semi-racist white people."

"I can't believe this, it's not possible," Lane says. "Where did we go right?"

Watch the entire segment posted online by Jimmy Kimmel Live: