Larry Flynt on Antonin Scalia's death: ‘It couldn't have happened to a nicer person’
'Hustler' magazine founder Larry Flynt appears on 'PoliticKING with Larry King' on May 27, 2015. [Ora.TV]

Notorious pornographer, Larry Flynt, may have scored a unanimous ruling from the Supreme Court in Hustler v. Falwell but that doesn't mean he's a fan of deceased Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. In an interview with Larry King on his show "PoliticKING,"  the host asked how he felt about Scalia's death given that Scalia was part of the vote in favor of Flynt in 1988.

"I don't like to speak ill of someone that passed on," Flynt began. "But it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. He's done more damage to that court than any other human being in 250 years. He moved it to the right. This goes to the right of Attila the Hun. A lot of bad legislation come out of there that he was guiding. He was often the fifth vote and anyone will tell ya that 5-4 decisions make bad law 'cause you got four votes and then you got five votes to make the deciding factor just like Gore v. Bush it pushed the election in the 2000 campaign."

Flynt went on to say that he prefers a more centrist judge on the court because it's more reflective of America as a whole. "I don't believe that this country is to the left or to that it's to the right. And when it comes to the Supreme Court, they want fairness. They want somebody that is right down the middle. And I don't know if we'll get that but when Ronald Reagan was president at the end of his term, he nominated Kennedy with a democratic senate and they approved him."

He continued talking about the threats the GOP has been making to hold up the nomination regardless of who is nominated. Reiterating the concern of having a 4-4 split that defers to the lower court's ruling, he said that it would be problematic in the Texas abortion case or on immigration. "Both those could end up with a 4-4 split and the lower court decision would stand which would be bad."

"I think they need to get someone in there they can all agree on and get him confirmed," Flint said. "I think it could have ramifications that will really backfire if the Senate tries to hold that over."

Check out the full interview below: