Left and right combine forces with #NeverTrump on Twitter -- and Marco Rubio joins in the fun
#NeverTrump meme from Twitter

Liberals concerned about the future of their country -- and Republicans concerned about the future of their party -- responded en masse to the Twitter hashtag #NeverTrump Friday night, leaving no doubt that the Republican front-runner is unpopular on both sides of the aisle.

Trump was slammed for everything from making fun of a disabled reporter to his involvement with Trump University which is finally under intense scrutiny as he grows closer to landing the 2016 GOP presidential nomination.

While some Republicans are attacking Trump because they're backers of Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz, others just seem to want him gone because of the damage he's doing to the conservative brand.

Rubio, who began pushing back against his blustery rival during Thursday night's GOP debate, joined in the fun by calling Trump a "con artist," a label he repeatedly invoked on Friday:

Others made their point a bit more graphically:

A sampling from both sides below:

Even bald eagles agree: