Lone holdout David Fry refuses to surrender as Oregon militants end standoff
Malheur National Wildlife Refuge Occupier David Fry (YouTube)

The 41-day occupation of an Oregon wildlife preserve neared an end with the surrender of three holdouts who had previously refused to leave after their leaders were arrested and one militant killed.

UPDATE: Last holdout David Fry surrenders peacefully after threatening suicide or war

Sean Anderson, Sandy Anderson, David Fry and Jeff Banta walked unarmed and one at a time Thursday morning to FBI agents standing with Assemblywoman Michele Fiore and the Rev. Franklin Graham.

The four had agreed to surrender during a tense phone call Wednesday night with Fiore, an ally of the Bundy family that organized the occupation.

Sean Anderson carried an American flag and held hands with his wife, Sandy, as militant David Fry narrated the surrender.

Banta then surrendered, and Fry said FBI agents allowed Anderson to keep his flag.

Fry lit a cigarette and shouted at Fiore as he approached the waiting agents.

The 27-year-old then demanded to air grievances before he would surrender, and Gavin Seim and KrisAnn Hall, who were hosting a live audio feed, encouraged him to surrender.

He said he told the other three holdouts he would not surrender.

"I’m going to stay here," Fry said. "If they attack me, I have to defend myself."

"I’m thinking that the American people need to know, that when they’re trampling on your rights this much, sometimes it’s better to die," Fry said. "I declare war."

The Raw Story removed a link to the livestream video after Fry reported that he had a gun pointed at his head an intended to use it.