Los Angeles restaurateur convicted of poisoning pregnant girlfriend to cause miscarriage
Joshua Woodward exiting courthouse (Screenshot/ABC13)

A prominent former restaurateur was sentenced to nine years in prison by a Los Angeles court for poisoning a pregnant girlfriend.

Last fall Joshua Woodward was convicted of slipping Misoprostol, a pregnancy termination drug, to his romantic partner Gail Greaves, when she was 13 weeks pregnant, according to ABC 13.

In 2009 Woodward, prosecutors said, gave Greaves the drug three times: once orally and twice vaginally during sexual foreplay, the New York Daily News reported.

Authorities found multiple searches on Woodward’s computer where he looked for ways to terminate pregnancies. The Daily News disclosed that Woodward “typed the phrases, ‘ways men have forced abortions,’ and ‘evil ways to terminate a pregnancy,’ into his web search engine.”

Woodward’s criminal behavior was uncovered when Greaves noticed him taking something from his backpack during a sexual encounter. She grew alarmed when she experienced a miscarriage just hours later. Greaves then called police when she noticed white powder in her panties.

The police told Greaves to invite Woodward over again, and instructed her not to tell him about the miscarriage. They then confronted Woodward and discovered Misoprostol on his person.

"You're disgusting”, Greaves said to Woodward during sentencing, ABC 13 reported. “I hope that you can find the truth within your heart and in your soul, and just be honest. . .You’re drugging the drink you gave me, drugging my food. Do you really not understand what you've done to me?"