'Men's rights' blogger summons police to mother's house after death threats over 'tribal meeting'
Daryush "Roosh V" Valizadeh

Author and "neo-masculinist" blogger Daryush "Roosh V" Valizadeh called police to his mother's home in response to what he described as threats against his life stemming from his attempt to organize a "tribal meetup," the Daily Mail reported.

Valizadeh, who drew massive criticism after trying to organize a Feb. 6 international event through his website, Return of Kings, reportedly lives at the Maryland residence, and showed officers emails and voice messages threatening him. One threat allegedly stated, "We will kill you if you come to our city."

The report surfaced a day after Valizadeh canceled the events, citing concerns over attendees' "safety and privacy."

The hacker collective Anonymous made a statement saying that it took his website down, and counter-protests were organized with the intention of disrupting the "tribal" gathering.

Critics of the event cited a post he wrote last year calling for rape to be made legal on public property. According to the Mail, Valizadeh told police that he added a disclaimer calling it "satire" on Wednesday.

Organizers of one counter-protest planned in New York City celebrated Valizadeh's decision to back down, saying they still planned to hold their gathering to denounce his site's values.

"We showed the entire MRA, PUA and neo-masculine movements that they are not welcome, and should we see them in person, they'll never forget the experience (to put it politely)," organizers said on the event's Facebook page. "But we are vehemently of the opinion that we shouldn't just pat ourselves on the back and call it a day. No, rape culture still permeates our society, and we're f*cking tired of it!"