Nevada caucus voters report chaos on Twitter as poll workers openly wear Trump gear and run out of ballots
Reportedly a poll worker in Nevada wearing Trump gear (Twitter)

As the GOP caucuses in Nevada got underway, some took to Twitter to complain that it was a disorganized "disaster."

Some said that poll workers didn't check people's identification and others said supporters of GOP front runner Donald Trump wore Trump gear. Poll workers are not supposed to show bias.

At one point, a poll worker being interviewed by ABC News told the reporter she was "helping Mr. Trump."

POLITICO reporter Marc Caputo listed some of the problems reported on Twitter.

Politics reporter Emily Cahn also reported these complaints.

Another voter snapped a photo of a Trump supporter dressed in a Trump hat collecting ballots. Poll workers are not allowed to show bias.

The turnout on Tuesday was very high, with voters lined up to vote for candidates including Trump, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz.