Nevada man bashes neighbor in the face after argument over Donald Trump gets violent
Donald Trump on cover of his new book 'Crippled America' (Screenshot)

Donald Trump rallies have gained a reputation for being raucous, even violent. But in Nevada, all it took was a mixture of alcohol and a heated discussion between neighbors just after midnight, according to

The 21-year-old man, who was not named, was arrested in the early hours of Tuesday morning at 12;38 a.m. after punching his neighbor in the face, according to CarsonNow. The victim told police he was drinking with his neighbor when they got into an argument about the GOP candidate and real estate mogul.

The man admitted they began arguing and he punched his neighbor in the face. He was charged with misdemeanor battery.

Protesters at Trump rallies have been punched, kicked, dragged and verbally accosted in recent months.

In November, a black protester was knocked down, punched and kicked at a Trump rally in Alabama. Another black protester was knocked down at a Las Vegas rally in December, where a Trump supporter could be heard saying, "Light that motherf*cker on fire!"