An Arizona anti-marijuana official refused to say whether or not she had tried pot at a Chamber of Commerce event on the subject, the Phoenix New Times reports.

Yavapai County Attorney Sheila Polk was one of four panelists talking about the legalization of marijuana hosted by the Scottdale Chamber of Commerce. At the event, entitled, "Breakfast with a Side of Marijuana?" an audience member asked the panelists if they had ever tried pot, according to the New Times.

"Questions like that are inappropriate," was Polk's only answer.

According to the paper, Polk has positioned herself as a top marijuana opponent. But her colleague on the panel, Seth Leibsohn, had no problem answering candidly that he tried marijuana in college.

The panel was discussing an upcoming ballot measure that would legalize marijuana.

"The question is instructive. I understand [why] some of the members of the panel do not want to answer the question," fellow panelist and pro-marijuana lawyer Ryan Hurley said, adding that roughly 40 percent of Americans have tried pot. "Unless you're in favor of locking those people in a cage... you need to be supportive of [the decriminalization measure]."