Samantha Bee's birthday party for Jeb perfectly mocks his hilariously pitiful campaign
Full Frontal Happy Birthday to Jeb (Screenshot)

After a pathetic showing in South Carolina with the help of brother George and momma Bush, Jeb Bush just couldn't cut it. Samantha Bee's "Full Frontal" team wanted to give Bush a nice send-off given that it is just a week following Bush's birthday.

Bush had a pretty pathetic year of campaigning. He spent over $118,740,000 from his super PAC and just under $32 million from his campaign, but no Wall Street investor seems to have seen the campaign crash coming. Then there were the lucky turtles Bush carried in his pockets. Remember when he had to ask his audience to clap for him? The Bush family gathered back in October to try and save the campaign and raise more money in Texas. There was the time Bush got an email question from a student about football via email and he responded within 45 seconds because he had nothing better to do. During the fourth debate the top most googled search according to Google Trends was "is Jeb Bush still running?"

He's had a terrible go of it, so the least he could do is celebrate his birthday in style. Samantha Bee's folks had the hats and balloons ready, but here's the only thing that happened:

Well, they tried, Jeb. Maybe next year.