SNL nails white people freaking out with 'The Day Beyoncé Turned Black' horror film parody
Woman finds out that Beyoncé is black and does not take it well -- (SNBC screen grab)

In a brilliant horror film parody, Saturday Night Live mocked the overreaction by some white people to Beyoncé's new video and subsequent Super Bowl appearance when they came to realize that the singer is --- black.

In the video, white people are first stunned then panicky by Beyoncé's ode to Black Lives Matter in her new 'Formation' video. It then slowly dawns on them that one of their favorite performers -- along with other actors and entertainers they consider "theirs" -- have somehow become black.

"Guys, I don't understand this new song," one frightened woman says as she pulls out her earbuds. Another man adds, "Maybe this song isn't for us."

"But usually everything is!" the woman replies, her voice rising in hysteria.

What follows is panic in the streets and a breakdown of the social order as white people are unable to cope with a world that is no longer as white as it once seemed.

Watch the video below via NBC: