Stephen Colbert gleefully mocks Trump's Iowa loss: 'Oh, you came in second? Go f*ck yourself'
Stephen Colbert (YouTube)

Stephen Colbert celebrated Donald Trump's second-place finish in the Iowa caucuses and the resulting mockery in the New Yorker's hometown tabloid newspapers.

The "Late Show" host said Sen. Ted Cruz's (R-TX) victory suggested his attacks on Trump's "New York values" might have resonated with voters, but he said the city's newspapers seemed to forget the real estate tycoon's passionate defense of their shared home.

The New York Post, for example, ran with the headline "Cruz-ified," while the New York Daily News used an illustration of Trump with sad clown makeup and the headline, "Dead clown walking."

"Thanks for sticking up for us, Donald -- oh, you came in second? Go f*ck yourself," Colbert said.

Despite the loss, Trump vowed to return to Iowa "many, many times," and he even suggested he might buy a farm there.

If you can't imagine Trump as a farmer, check out his during the 56th primetime Emmys program -- when the reality TV star dressed up in overalls and sang the "Green Acres" theme song.

Watch that and the rest of Colbert's commentary in this video posted online by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert: