Susan Sarandon: Hillary Clinton should stop playing 'the female victim card'
Actress Susan Sarandon gives an interview on Feb. 26, 2016. (Boston Herald)

Actress Susan Sarandon -- who has been vocally backing Sen. Bernie Sanders' (I-VT) -- said during a radio interview that she was not trying to demonize Sanders' Democratic nomination opponent, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

"I don't see her as evil. I see her as inconsistent. I see her as having bad judgement," Sarandon told Boston Herald radio.

However, Sarandon did criticize Clinton for her response earlier this week to the South Carolina protester who disrupted her appearance at a private event to confront her regarding her comments regarding "super-predators" in 1996. Clinton subsequently expressed regret for her use of the phrase.

The Academy Award-winner accused Clinton of "playing the female victim card" in connection to the encounter.

"I think she's been connected to power for a very long time," Sarandon said. "When she was on the board of Walmart, she did nothing to help raise that wage or stand by women and all the things she could have done."

While Clinton has expressed support for marriage equality, the actress noted that Sanders had taken that position years earlier.

"He doesn't wait until gay marriage is cool," Sarandon said. "He does it in the beginning. He stands there by himself on the [Senate] floor saying, 'Slow down, this war is -- for this reason, this reason, this reason -- not a good idea. And I think when you're talking about leadership, what you need is judgement and courage, not just expertise."

A portion of the interview was posted on YouTube, and can be seen here.

The interview in its entirety, as posted on Soundcloud, can be heard below.