Texans busted for throwing bottles at a random black man while screaming the N-word
Tucker Sauer and Lucas Henderson: accused of throwing bottles shouting racial slurs (Austin PD Photo)

Three men in Austin, Texas were charged over the weekend after they threw bottles down from an apartment building balcony while shouting racial slurs at a black man walking below on the street, according to KXAN News.

The victim explained to officers that the three men threw bottles, narrowly missing his head, while shouting "F*ck you, ni**er!" When he shouted up that he was calling the police, the men came downstairs to fight.

When police arrived at the scene they drove about 30 feet before seeing the suspects standing outside on a balcony. After noticing the police, they quickly went inside. Officers came into the building through the garage where they met two of the men who came downstairs and were questioned and arrested. Tucker Sauer, 21, and Lucas Henderson, 20 were taken into custody but a third suspect, who the two men only identified as “Danny,” wouldn’t answer his phone or open his door.

Officers noted on the report that the men smelled of alcohol and admitted that they'd been “partying all day.” Both Henderson and Sauer were recognized as those that were throwing bottles, but that all three joined in chasing the victim down the street and shouting after him.

Two witnesses corroborated the victim's story and said that they did not know the victim. The victim and Sauer's names appear in the University of Texas student registry, but the University wouldn't confirm to KXAN news if they were students.