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Texas mayor demands Homeland Security investigate Valentine’s Day flag that says ‘Love’ in Arabic



City officials in a small Texas town notified Department of Homeland Security officials out of fear over a flag bearing the words, “Love is for all” in Arabic script, according to LubbockOnline.

The flag was noticed the day after Valentine’s Day and was dangling from a publicly-owned tower in downtown Lubbock, a town in northern Texas. The so-called “Arabic flag” sent local leaders looking for help from federal law enforcement.


“I fully understand that we must gather more facts before we make a knee-jerk reaction but I am concerned on several levels,” Mayor Glen Robertson wrote in a letter to authorities. “Please keep me informed as we learn more about this situation.”

The flag was black in color with white script and had a red heart emblazoned in the middle. It was hanging from a building known as the Citizens Tower. Local KCBD described it as “massive” in size.

Robertson notified local police and asked them to also notify the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI and the Lubbock County Sheriff’s Office.

“Even though the message seems to be innocuous and well-meaning,” Councilman Victor Hernandez told the paper, “that was not the best way to go about spreading the message.”

Whoever hung the flag didn’t cause any damage, according to LubbockOnline. It was tied to pipes on the roof. City officials had the flag cut down Monday, sending it and cinder blocks that were used to stabilize it, crashing to the ground. But if caught, the people who hung it could be charged with trespassing.


Mazen Sabouni, a Lubbock resident who emigrated from Syria and is fluent in Arabic, said the phrase is common around Valentine’s Day among Arabic speakers.

Watch the report, from KCBD, here:
KCBD NewsChannel 11 Lubbock

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Fox News host battles Trump spokeswoman who suggests Roger Stone got ‘medical commutation’ for COVID



Jenna Ellis, an attorney and spokesperson for Donald Trump, suggested that Roger Stone had received a "medical commutation" from the president because he was at risk for COVID-19.

While interviewing Ellis on Sunday, Fox News host Gillian Turner asked Ellis if Trump gave "serious thought" to his decision to commute Stone's sentence.

"Obviously, I'm not going to get into the internal deliberations," Ellis insisted. "But I think the timing does speak for itself, where this was just days before Roger Stone was supposed to report to federal prison."

"This was a political target that was designed to target President Trump's allies," she continued. "That was just absolutely absurd."

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Suspected Uber driver arrested for allegedly pointing gun at anti-Confederate protesters



A South Carolina man is facing charges after being accused of pointing a firearm at people demonstrating for the removal of Confederate-era symbols.

According to WIS, the incident occurred on Friday as demonstrators were marking the five year anniversary of the Confederate flag being removed from South Carolina's State House grounds in Columbia.

Protesters said that the man stopped his vehicle and argued with them. Before driving away, the man was said to have brandished a gun.

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2020 Election

‘Biden is leading’: Fox News host breaks the news to Donald Trump Jr. that his dad is losing in the polls



Donald Trump Jr. on Sunday reacted to the news that his father is losing to Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden in polls across the country.

"There are polls that have Biden tied with Trump or actually leading Trump," Fox News host Maria Bartiromo explained to the president's son on Sunday.

After Donald Trump Jr. ignored the thrust of her question, Bartiromo pressed again.

"What does the president need to get these numbers up?" the Fox News host wondered. "Are you buying these polls? It looks like one after the next, it's a real tight race and in many cases Biden is leading the president."

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