WATCH: Jeb Bush gets asked if he would consider being Trump's VP -- and Lindsey Graham loses it
Former FL. Gov Jeb Bush and South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham reacting to question about Donald Trump -- YouTube screenshot

During a campaign stop in South Carolina, where GOP voters are caucusing on Saturday, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush was asked if he would consider joining front-running Donald Trump on the GOP ticket if asked.

Bush's smirking reply caused South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham -- as well as the rest of the crowd of supporters and reporters -- to burst into laughter.

"Governor, would you consider being Donald Trump's vice president," an off-screen reporter asked.

"No," Bush quickly replied, setting off gales of laughter before Bush joined in himself.

“And let’s be clear,” a grinning Bush added, “I don’t think he would ask me either.”

Bush has become a punching bag for the bullying billionaire, while Graham has urged the GOP to tell Trump to "go to hell."

Watch the video below via YouTube: