WATCH: John Oliver's hilarious ad tells Senate to 'Do your f*cking job' and vote to replace Scalia
John Oliver (YouTube)

On HBO's "Last Week Tonight," host John Oliver ripped into Republicans for their ever-evolving reasons for trying to hold off voting on a new U.S. Supreme Court justice to replace the late Antonin Scalia.

GOP presidential contender Ted Cruz established an arbitrary 80-year time frame during which he said no president ever got a hearing for a nominee in the last year of his term, but Oliver pointed out that Cruz was wrong.

Dead wrong. Five times wrong.

Five nominees came before the Senate during that period, with three making it onto the highest court in the land.

Oliver then turned his eye on the Judicial Crisis Network -- a conservative advocacy group that stumps for hardline right-wing judicial appointments --  for their ad claiming "We the people" should wait until a new president is sworn in and let that president choose.

Oliver pointed out that "We have a perfectly good president" right now who was re-elected three years ago and is entirely capable of making that decision.

He then mocked the use of stock photos and videos of happy ethnic families in the ad, to represent average Americans. He then turned the tables on the JCN, using many of the same shots -- along with some odder choices like a baboon talking on a cellphone -- to represent Americans who have a simple message for the Senate.

"Do your f*cking job."

Watch the video below, from Last Week Tonight: