Watch: RNC chair squirms when asked if he's 'really prepared' to have Trump be the face of the party
RNC Chairman Reince Priebus -- (ABC This Week screen grab)

Offering a pained smile, the chairman of the Republican National Committee paused and squirmed Sunday morning when asked if he wanted billionaire businessman Donald Trump to become the face of his party.

Appearing on ABC's This Week, RNC head Reince Pribeus was initially asked by host George Stephanopoulos if Trump's big win in South Carolina over career politicians was "an indictment of the party elite."

"I think people are sick of politics in general. Sick and tired of Washington D.C.," the party head replied. "I think, actually just sick and tired of all parties."

However when pressed on whether he would like to see an outsider like Donald Trump head up the 2016 ticket, considering his history and ties to the Democratic lawmakers, he shifted in his seat and laughed  before carefully answering.

"Are you really prepared to have him as spokesman of the Republican party?” the host asked.

"If the delegates, you know, accumulated in such a way that any one of these candidates becomes the nominee, it’s our job to support that nominee and we will," Priebus replied, before going on at length about the duties of the RNC as he admitted, painfully it appeared,  that they would support Trump as a candidate.

Watch the video below via YouTube: