ABC panelist: GOP needs to 'bite the bullet' and accept that they are going to lose with Trump
ABC contributor L.Z. Granderson -- (YouTube screen grab)

During a panel discussion on ABC's This Week on the possibility that the top of the Republican Party ticket in 2016 election will be headed by billionaire Donald Trump, a CNN columnist suggested that the GOP should admit defeat and start looking forward to 2020.

"I've been saying this for a couple months now. I believe that what that Republican Party needs to do is go ahead and bite the bullet for 2016 and not hitch their wagon to Trump," L.Z. Granderson suggested. "Just say, 'We're gonna lose 2016, let's clean ourselves up and refocus on 2020.'"

"Because, as you saw, no matter who wins the nomination, it looks as if they're going to lose to Hillary Clinton," he continued. "The focus needs to be on 'Who can we start grooming today.'"

Guest panelist Michael Eric Dyson suggested that Trump isn't the party's only problem.

"To blame Donald Trump as the scapegoat is one thing," Tyson noted before pointing out that RNC head Reince Priebus had said "the brand of the party has to be recast."

"Oh, it's been recast, alright," he continued. "He didn't think that what was going to happen was that Trump was going to front the whole game, and as a result the Republican Party sees its worst nightmares realized and its fantasies denied."

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