Ann Coulter: Donald Trump got all the 'spicy stuff about Mexican rapists' from me
Ann Coulter (screen capture)

Ann Coulter has had a rough time getting press lately because she has alienated even conservative media who don't want to spot her the free attention to promote her new book. Her latest appearance is a little known nationally syndicated public access-looking show "The Flipside with Michael Loftus" on Saturdays.

Coulter started out by telling Loftus that Republican Presidential front-runner Donald Trump got all of his ideas from her. "It's really important, and Donald Trump read it so you can understand everything that's happening over the next year. It's where he got that spicy stuff on Mexican rapists," Coulter said.

She went on to say that this latest work is a call to action to "save our country" from the so-called Mexican rapists. "Everything is decided by immigration because everyone votes here," Coulter said to Loftus. "The only way the refugee crisis and illegal immigrants, the only way it ever stops, is if all countries are identical. So that there's no reason to move from one country to another. We're just all Uganda!" she said with gusto. "And that's what's happening to our country now."

Coulter also briefly alluded to the fact that this latest book might be her last book while Loftus begged for it not to be the case. "Unless Trump is elected and saves us. I mean, once it's Americans voting, this is the problem people are so upset about what's happened under, in the last seven years, but I'm very upset about it, I won't even detail the reasons, we just keep losing and losing ... but the reason for it is Teddy Kennedy's 1965 immigration act."

Typically, there is a swing back to the other side after eight years of one party controlling the White House, Colter claims, and that won't happen this time because she says foreigners are going to decide the 2016 election.

Watch footage from the interview below: