Another man dead after shooting himself while trying to take a gun-toting selfie
Gun in purse (Shutterstock)

A bullet remained in the chamber of a gun when a 43-year-old Concrete, Washington man attempted to take a selfie with the weapon.

The Skagit Valley Herald reported that the man and his girlfriend were playing around taking selfies all day with the gun. She told officers that the man had loaded and unloaded the gun many times.

The last selfie, the gun fired killing the man.

Last September, 19-year-old Houston man shot himself while doing the same thing. He later died from his injuries.

A helpline was launched in Russia last summer to help people who suffer from selfie addiction. The country has suffered from similar selfie incidents where over 100 people have been harmed and a dozen killed themselves while attempting to get a photo. They even launched a "selfie safty guide." Perhaps, Americans could get a translation.