Arizona cops used Tasers to cruelly shock veteran with PTSD until his heart stopped: family
Kyle Cardenas -- (ABC15 screen grab)

An Arizona family has filed a notice paving the way for a lawsuit against the Gilbert Police Department after officers stormed their home and Tasered a family member at least seven times, causing his heart to stop while he was in the midst of a PTSD panic attack, reports ABC15.

According to the family of Kyle Cardenas, they called the VA Crisis Hotline in September and requested a crisis team be sent to their home when their son began suffering from delusions.

What they received instead were officers from the Gilbert Police Department despite specifically asking that no police be sent.

According to the complaint, Cardenas initially struggled with the officers before retreating to his room.

“The police charged into this bedroom ... and attempted to restrain Kyle again. During the melee, the officers Tased Kyle at least seven times, sprayed OC spray directly into Kyle’s face, struck Kyle multiple times with their batons, punched Kyle in the face with closed fists, kicked and kneed Kyle in the thighs and legs, and ordered one of the K-9 unit dogs to attack and bite Kyle.”

The family also stated that Cardenas was Tasered again while strapped to a gurney at a local hospital and that doctors had to restart his heart after he stopped breathing.

According to family, the vet -- who served two tours of duty in Iraq -- now suffers from long term health disabilities.

Police state that they tried to take Cardenas into custody peacefully, but that he attempted to get a family dog to attack them and had slammed the door in their face when they arrived.

A spokesperson for the Gilbert Police Department stated they are looking into the incident.

Watch the video from ABC15 Arizona: