Bernie fires back at Hillary over his tone: She interrupted me -- I didn’t interrupt her
Bernie Sanders on Jimmy Kimmel Live (Screenshot)

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders (I) on Monday denied that he had used a condescending tone towards his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

A reporter told Sanders that Clinton's campaign had accused him of being “condescending” during Sunday night's presidential debate. After Clinton interrupted him, Sanders snapped, "Excuse me, I’m talking."

“Did they,” Sanders sarcastically replied. “Did they really?”

“Did you check how much time Hillary Clinton spoke?" he continued. "During the debate? … You have not. And did you check out how often Hillary Clinton interrupted me?"

“Well, I think that given the fact that during that debate she ended up going on many occasions [over the time allotment] – and when I was speaking she interrupted me. I didn’t interrupt her, despite the fact that she spoke longer.”

Sanders said it was “rude” of Clinton to interrupt him while he was trying to make a point.

Watch video, courtesy of ABC News, below:

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