Bill Kristol calls out ‘power-worshiping’ Joe Scarborough on air for 'bowing down to Trump'
Joe Scarborough (CNN/screen grab)

Conservative commentator Bill Kristol accused "Morning Joe" host Joe Scarborough of "Trump power-worshiping" while on his MSNBC show on Wednesday.

Scarborough asked Kristol what he thought "the smartest move" was for Republicans who don't want GOP front runner Donald Trump to be their party's nominee.

Kristol responded by calling Scarborough out for his apparent support for Trump.

"Well first, one has to puncture a little bit the bubble of the Trump power worshiping that's been going on here, and the bowing down to Trump and to the 'voters have spoken,'" Kristol said.

Scarborough and co-host Mika Brzezinski then jumped in and asked Kristol who he was talking about.

"Joe Scarborough, for example," Kristol said.

Kristol then went on to say that Trump, though leading the field, hasn't captured the majority of the vote.

"You said the voters have spoken," he said. "Donald Trump has gotten 35 percent of the vote so far."

Watch the exchange, as posted by MSNBC, here: