Christian blogger: Pro-choice women 'need to be reminded' men are 'supposed to be leaders' on abortion
Matt Walsh (CBN/screen grab)

Matt Walsh, a controversial Christian blogger at Glenn Beck's The Blaze, explained this week that pro-choice women "need to be reminded" that men were "supposed" to be the leaders when it comes to abortion.

In a recent column for The Blaze, Walsh complained that many women "actually think abortion is a 'women’s issue' — and one which men are somehow disqualified from discussing."

"Here’s what it comes down to: abortion is murder or it is not," he wrote. "I’m sure it is true that women have a greater emotional insight into this issue — many of them having carried and birthed children themselves — but an insight into the truth is not the same as an ability to alter it."

According to Walsh, women who support reproductive rights "do so by ignoring their particular womanly insight."

"The reproductive act is one that requires 100 percent from each of the participants," he continued. "Men should be protectors of the innocent and warriors for truth and dignity. Men are called to show strength, leadership, and moral clarity in the face of atrocities like abortion. Men are commanded to 'stand in the gap,' as it says in Scripture."

During an interview broadcast by CBN on Thursday, Walsh said that he wrote the column because women who support abortion rights needed to be reminded that men had a leadership role.

"I just wanted to write something encouraging men to speak up and to remind us, to remind men, to remind some pro-choice women, who need to be reminded about this fact, that men are, you know, just as involved in this process as women are," he insisted. "We're supposed to be as men -- and I'm traditional, I'm an old fashioned guy so I believe men are supposed to be leaders in society, in our families and in society."

"And so this is an issue that we need to stand up and show leadership on."

Watch the video below from CBN, broadcast March 17, 2016.