Colbert mocks ‘America’s gullible uncle’ Donald Trump for believing everything he sees online
Stephen Colbert hilariously captures Trump's irony (Screen capture)

Stephen Colbert isn't feeling well. The "Late Show" host spoke in a bit of a nasal voice on Monday night, but the one thing that makes him even sicker is Donald Trump.

"We've all had our fun poking at the big orange Garfield who hates Mexicans instead of Mondays," Colbert admitted. After so much violence at Trump rallies over the weekend, Colbert said that an angry mob is generally what passes for a Trump rally these days.

On Saturday, a man rushed the stage "possibly because he saw Trump's head and thought they were giving out free hams," Colbert joked. The man was charged with disorderly conduct and inducing panic, "which means he could be the next Republican front-runner." Trump tweeted after the event was over that the man had ties to ISIS and should be in jail. A CNN interview with the man revealed he was raised Southern Baptist, speaks only English and has never been out of the country before. But Trump linked to a doctored video from 2015 of the man dragging an American flag behind him with Middle Eastern music playing behind him. Plus, the guy has a beard, "so he's either a member of ISIS or Mumford and Sons," Colbert concluded.

When Trump got called out with the fact-check from Chuck Todd on "Meet the Press," Trump admitted knowing nothing, saying, "What do I know about it? All I know is what's on the Internet."

Colbert paused for the irony to wash over the audience with his signature smirk. "I want to let that sink in for a second," Colbert said. "The likely Republican nominee for president of the United States said all he knows is what's on the Internet. Trump is America's gullible uncle just forwarding everything he sees online. Obviously, his first state dinner will be honoring that imprisoned Nigerian prince and it won't cost us anything because the prince promises to send us a check."

In service to Trump, Colbert wanted to alert Trump that there is more scary stuff online, like the terrifying (albeit fake) ISIS video that Colbert's team made themselves. Check it out below: