Conservatives waste no time turning Brussels tragedy into attacks on Obama for being in Cuba
President Barack Obama reacts to Steve Kroft's assertion that Putin is challenging his leadership (Screen capture)

It took little time Tuesday morning for conservatives to turn the tragic attack in Brussels into an attack of their own on President Barack Obama for happening to be on a visit to Cuba.

Conservatives have been up in arms over President Obama's historic visit to Cuba this week, marking the first time a U.S. president has visited the island nation in 88 years.

Earlier in the week, National Review knocked the president after he had his picture taken in front of a mural of Che Guevara, with editor Rich Lowry calling it, "President Obama's Che moment."

The Brussels attack opened another door to go after the president because he happened to be out of the country when it occurred.

Obama was also rapped he didn't issue an official statement immediately in the aftermath -- waiting to be briefed first -- while GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump made the circuit of mornings shows spouting opinions and speculating.

Former Bush speechwriter and current Washington Post contributor Marc Thiessen got the ball rolling by tweeting,"Brussels under attack. Obama on a tourist trio in Havana with his family. Says it all."

Richard Grenell, a former Mitt Romney advisor, expressed concern about the "optics," writing, "Terrible optics: ISIS attacks Brussels and Obama is with the Castro Brothers in Cuba."

A sampling below: