LISTEN: Missouri Democratic lawmakers debate anti-gay law as filibuster enters 17th hour
MO. state senators opposing anti-gay bill -- via Twitter

The eight-member Democratic caucus of the Missouri State Senate who are filibustering anti-gay legislation are still going strong Tuesday morning, 17 hours after beginning Monday afternoon.

The lawmakers are opposing a bill by State Sen. Bob Onder (R) that would amend the Missouri Constitution to prohibit the government from punishing individuals and businesses that refuse on religious grounds to provide goods or services for marriage ceremonies or celebrations of same-sex couples.

(Live audio of filibuster can be found here)

According to State Sen. Jason Holsman (D), Republican's defense of the bill has a familiar sound.

“A lot of the arguments I’m hearing of proponents of this bill harken back to the same arguments we heard back in 1964 when people were fighting for segregation in Mississippi,” he told the Kansas City Star.

State Sen. David Sater (R) defended the bill, noting the Bible mentions "the abomination of homosexuality," before adding, "“I’m not condemning this type of behavior. I just believe through my religious convictions that it is wrong.”

At filibuster's 16- hour mark Tuesday morning PROMO Missouri, a gay rights organization that opposes the bill, posted the following tweet:

Sara K Rossi, Director of Policy for ACLU Missouri added congratulations to the senators for their continuing support: