Democratic voters in Georgia given Republican ballots on Super Tuesday
Man who voted holds up his voting lapel pin (Shutterstock)

Some people in Georgia are worried about voting issues after being erroneously given Republican ballots, when they were registered Democrats, reports.

Brianna Fleener, a Lowndes County voter, said she was upset and unsure of whether her vote in the Democratic primary was counted, even though poll workers said the problem had been fixed.

“I show up, I fill out the paper and I give it to the man at the counter,” Fleener told ValdostaToday. “Next, I was given a card to insert into the machine, and when I pulled up the screen I realized I was given the wrong ballot."

Fleener said she looked around and noticed others were having the same issue.

"Turns out that anyone voting Democrat received a Republican ballot,” Fleener reported. “After making some phone calls, we were told we could fix it, but we were showing up in the system as voted when none of us had casted our ballots.”

Elections supervisor Deb Cox blamed the problem on voter error -- a claim that Fleener disputes. She says she filled it out correctly and further, is angry.

“We were then given sheets that explicitly read ‘To find out if your vote counted,'” Fleener told ValdostaToday. “If my voted counted? As a citizen, I meet all the requirements for my vote to count. I am beyond upset."

It's not the first report of problems with voting at the primaries.

An Austin radio station Tuesday was flooded with callers complaining their votes for candidate Donald Trump were changed to rival Marco Rubio.