Fox pundit: Trump can 'unite warring factions of white supremacists' within the GOP
Alan Colmes and Brad Blakeman speaks to Fox News host Heather Childers (screen grab)

Left-leaning Fox News contributor Alan Colmes predicted on Wednesday that Donald Trump had the ability to unite the "warring factions of white supremacists" within the Republican Party -- even if the GOP front-runner did not have the ability to unite the entire party.

On the Wednesday edition of Happening Now, Fox News host Heather Childers reported that Trump had called on the Republican Party to "unify" behind him after Tuesday night wins in Michigan and Mississippi.

"How is he going to unite?" Colmes wondered. "By taking back the things he said about Latinos, Mexicans, women, things he said about Bush, things he said about Romney. He's now going to all of the sudden pivot and unite those people?"

"Maybe he'll unite the warring factions of the white supremacists," Colmes added. "But I don't think he's going to unite people who he's spent in the last number of months insulting. That's how he's gotten where he's gotten, by insulting people."

Childers warned that it was Colmes who had "insulted a lot of Trump followers by calling them white supremacists."

"I didn't say all Trump followers are white supremacists," Colmes quickly replied. "What I said is he's got white supremacist support, but I'm not in any way shape or form calling them all white supremacists."

"Thank you for clarifying that," Childers said.

Watch the video below from Fox News, broadcast March 9, 2016.