'Go the f*ck away': Daddy blogger mocks Trump with a hilarious bedtime story
'Amateur Idiot / Professional Dad' blogger, who created a bedtime story mocking Donald Trump (Screenshot)

A "professional dad" blogger has created an obscenity-laced bedtime story that mocks Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Dave Lesser, who blogs at www.amateuridiotprofessionaldad.com, unveiled the new story in video published Monday.

The bedtime story, based on the parody book Go the F*ck to Sleep, blasts Trump for describing Mexican migrants as rapists and mocks the Republican candidate for his fake tan.

The bedtime story concludes: "Canada is really nice this time of year.

Fuck! They built a wall with a sign that reads, “Sorry, eh.”

Please, let us in! We fucked up! Trump’s gonna win.

What have we done? We need to get the fuck away!"

"But it’s not over, yet. There’s reason to smile.

The GOP is in disarray.

Republicans and Democrats finally agree on something.

VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!! Together, we’ll make Trump stay the fuck away."

Watch video below: