GOP voters disgusted by 'sophomoric' candidates' antics: It's 'junior high school stuff'
Donald Trump and Ted Cruz (Screenshots)

The continual bickering between the remaining GOP candidates over their wives and alleged sexual dalliances is taking its toll not only on the public's attention but where it hurts the Republican Party the most -- GOP voters.

According to the Washington Post, Republican voters are becoming increasingly dismayed by the personal attacks and debates over which candidate has the "hottest" wife at the expense of policy issues and the direction of the country.

"That’s junior high school stuff,” stated Chris Cary, 53, who backs Texas Sen. Ted Cruz. “We should be talking about ISIS. We should be talking about the loss of our freedoms.”

With the National Enquirer launching a story about Cruz's alleged multiple mistresses last week, a GOP primary that became mired in a discussion over the size of Donald Trump's penis turned downright ugly over the weekend as the candidates continued to trade barbs on the Sunday shows.

While Cruz has accused Donald Trump of planting the sexual escapades story in the Enquirer -- owned by Trump friend David Pecker -- Trump accused the Cruz campaign of coordinating with a SuperPAC to purchase the rights to a nude photo of Trump's wife Melania used in an ad meant to scandalize conservative Mormon voters in Utah.

On Sunday, Trump also made veiled and sinister references to Cruz's wife Heidi, saying, "There are things about Heidi I don’t want to talk about."

This has turned into too much for voters looking for a GOP candidate they can wholeheartedly support.

“I don’t like to see the wives getting involved,” said Christopher Handler, 60, a painter at Lambeau Field.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich -- who is still in the GOP presidential hunt -- agreed.

“You never want to resort to family,” Kasich said. “That’s a horrible thing, and we cannot cross this threshold in this election, because once you cross it, there’s never coming back.”

Carlos Gimenez, the Republican mayor of Miami-Dade County, is disgusted too.

“Politics is a contact sport but there should be contact in other ways.” he explained. “So much of this stuff is childish."

According to Republican pollster Frank Luntz, his focus groups agree, calling the GOP debates, “sophomoric,”  an “embarrassment,” “disappointing,” “shameful,” “despicable,” “angering” and a “schoolyard brawl.”

Said Jennifer Horn, the chair of the New Hampshire Republican Party, “I think it is imperative that our candidates focus on the positive and optimistic message of conservatism if we are going to beat Clinton.”

Horn has yet to commit to a candidate.