Gov. Jerry Brown: If Trump wins, 'we'd have to build a wall around California'
Gov. Jerry Brown (Facebook)

California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) let Donald Trump have it at a gathering Monday night, The Sacramento Bee reports.

Brown told a lively dinner of labor union members in the construction trades: “And I promise that if Trump were ever elected, we’d have to build a wall around California to defend ourselves from the rest of this country!”

“By the way that is a joke," Brown added, as the crowd roared with laughter. "We don’t like walls, we like bridges."

The fourth-term Democratic governor also discussed the value of immigrants to the labor force.

“Some of these old white guys ought to recognize that the whole pension system would collapse if we didn’t have a bunch of young people coming into this country and into this state,” he said. “They’re not all coming from here. They’re coming from other places.”