Hot mic catches Clinton puzzled by Christie's support for Trump: 'Did he have a debt?'
Donald Trump and Democratic rival Hillary Clinton (AFP Photo/)

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was caught joining in the speculation as to why Chris Christie threw his support behind GOP front runner Donald Trump.

Christie announced his support for Trump, only to have the former reality television star publicly humiliate him, further causing observers to wonder what was behind his decision.

Clinton and Matthews' conversation was picked up by accident by an open mic.

“Why did he support him?” Clinton asked MSNBC host Chris Matthews. Matthews guessed politicians who support Trump did so to have a future in politics.

"Did he have a debt?" Clinton wondered?

Matthews said Christie currently has no where to go, politically, to which Clinton agreed.

"I don't think he would win right now," she said.

They also talked briefly about media coverage of Trump.

"You guys can’t stop covering him," Clinton said. "He is a dangerous presence."

Listen to the exchange, as posted by the Washington Post, here:

h/t The Hill