How truly awful men's rights activists celebrated #InternationalWomensDay
Man angry at his computer (Shutterstock)

Angry little boys who are still holding it against their mothers that they weren't breastfed took to the internet today to wax poetic on their disgust for International Women's Day. The first observation of the holiday was in 1909 to advocate for the garment workers in New York, but the holiday has evolved to advocate for pay equity, global education for women, campus safety and more. Men's rights activists celebrated IWD by sarcasm-laced comments and tweets online instead.

First, the Men's Rights Movement blamed women for the rate of male suicide:

They are also very upset that International Women's Day is celebrated by more people than celebrate International Men's Day on November 19.

Then there are the women who don't support women:

One would think that Reddit would have to shut down it would be so overburdened with comments denouncing the day. Instead, the sarcasm flowed like the river of slime in the Ghostbusters:reddit IWD reddit2 IWD Then there is 4Chan, the website that has a history of freaking out over fake news that they perceive to be anti-men. 4Chan said some things so offensive it isn't even appropriate to post, but here's a small taste: 4Chan Outside the hate, there's the sad and disturbing reality checks and reminders of the things that the world must still fight for: