'It's absolutely terrifying': British TV hosts shudder for 'our world' after realizing Trump could win
Sky News presenter (screen grab)

Following Donald J. Trump's Tuesday win in five states, a group of British television presenters faced the "absolutely terrifying" reality on Wednesday that he could become the next president of the United States.

On the Wednesday edition of The Papers on Sky News, a panel of hosts and guests agreed that the Trump movement was "amazing."

"When you see some of the scenes going on over there, it's just extraordinary," one analyst explained. "It is quite frightening, I think. I mean, it looks as though we could have Trump as the president."

"I'm not quite sure how we're going to cope," he stuttered, seemingly at a loss for words. "Hillary is doing well. So, you know... When you see some of the pictures of Trump [at rallies] -- a lot of them have been canceled because there's a lot of danger arising now from his supporters. It is absolutely terrifying."

The analyst attributed the "terrifying" nature of Trump's campaign to "Middle West gun-shooting people who are finding him exciting."

"They've got a lot of sway with the electorate though, the Middle West gun-toter," a Sky anchor noted.

"It's not so terrifying that he's there," another analyst observed. "It's that this is what America seems to want."

"Yes, that is the terrifying thing," the first analyst agreed.

One of the anchors pointed out that another "frightening prospect" was that many British citizens did not yet realize how dangerous Trump was.

"His communication with our world, with Europe or Britain and the rest of Europe is going to be everything," an analyst insisted. "It's key. Of course, it is. Is Trump going to be able to have a relationship with Putin? How is this going to work?"

"He'll shoot him," the first analyst predicted.

Watch the video below from Sky News.