Jimmy Fallon mocks Trump U — where grads peer through eyeholes in white caps and gowns
Fallon on Trump University (Screen capture)

Embattled Trump University has drawn scrutiny over the last several weeks as Sen. Marco Rubio used its failures and lawsuits to prove that GOP frontrunner Donald Trump isn't such a great businessman after all. Perhaps that is why "Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon made a pro-con list about whether one should go to the school.

The school offers hundreds of classes, "but, as Trump put it, 'It's very very classy,'" which Fallon indicated isn't necessarily a good thing. "Pro: Trump is offering free tuition. Con: By getting Mexico to pay for it." No surprises there.

Not surprisingly, "Trump boasted about the school's large endowment," but the con to that is Trump did so by saying, "I guarantee you there's no problem down there." That prompted a number of "yuge" jokes about the size of Trump's staff and his poll numbers in Fallon's best Trump impression.

"Pro: Hiding the bong on parents weekend. Con: because Bong's student visa ran out and now Trump wants to deport him," Fallon joked about Trump's need to deport everyone. Another pro in that vein is a nice white cap and gown, but the con is, "having a hard time seeing through the eye holes."

Interestingly, Fallon noticed that the Trump University logo, which is a half lion half dragon, looks remarkably like Trump's hair in a wind storm.

But what about seeing a Trump University diploma hanging nicely on a wall? Fallon said the con is that you'd have to slowly back out of your doctor's office. The hard truth is, "Critics argue it's a waste of money, and after four years students won't be able to get a job. So, in other words, it's college," Fallon closed.

Check out the video below: