Larry Wilmore slams the media for asking Democrats about race — but not racist Republicans
Larry Wilmore on racial blind spots (Screen capture)

When doing a recap of CNN's recent democratic debate, "Nightly Show" host Larry Wilmore took issue with the ridiculousness of moderator Don Lemon's question about racial blind spots. "If they're blind spots, how can you see them?" he joked.

While he said that Sen. Bernie Sanders' answer about poor blacks in ghettos did show a racial blind spot, he was more annoyed with the media for asking questions about race to people who are actually strong on racial justice while the GOP gets a pass. "In 1963, Bernie Sanders was arrested while protesting segregation in Chicago and in the 1970s Hillary [Clinton] went undercover to expose racism in Alabama schools," Wilmore said touting the chops of the Democratic candidates.

Many have attacked both Clinton and Sanders for supporting the crime bill in the 1990s that decimated African-American communities and caused many of the sentencing problems we see today, but Wilmore reminded his audience that almost every black legislator in Congress voted for the bill too. "Meanwhile, you have a GOP candidate who barely disavowed the KKK, kicks black people out of his rallies and talks about shipping brown people out of the United States, and his numbers just keep going up. That's not a racial blind spot, that's f*cking cataracts," Wilmore said to audience applause.

He continued demanding that all racial questions in the 2016 election be directed to Donald Trump, "because he's just going to keep saying meaningless crap like this," and Wilmore showed the exchange about Trump's tiny hands and the joke about his junk. "Now he's making d*ck jokes. You guys, d*ck jokes. Our future president, yeah I said future president, start tasting that throw up in your mouth right now is, is talking about how big his d*ck is in a nationally televised presidential debate."

Wilmore went on to say that when it comes to making d*ck jokes, it should be his job as a late night comedian. "A politician's job is to make policies. A comedian's job is to make d*ck jokes. Crass, shame-filled, 5th-grade-level, d*ck jokes."

Check out the full video below: