Louisiana televangelist: 'Even aborted babies' will be raptured to Heaven where they can 'hug Jesus'
Pastor Jesse Duplantis (Jesse Duplantis Ministries/screen grab)

Pastor Jesse Duplantis of Covenant Church in Destrehan, Louisiana promised during his weekend televangelism broadcast that "even aborted babies" would be resurrected in the rapture so that they could literally "hug" Jesus Christ.

"We're starting all over, it's going to be blessed," Duplantis explained on Sunday, answering a question from a viewer named Shiela who wanted to know if "children and babies go up in the rapture."

"All children, all babies, all people are are not of the age of accountability," the pastor insisted. "God don't lose babies, even aborted babies -- if the world don't accept them, God accepts them and brings them in the very presence of who he is. It's going to be a wonderful time."

Turning to a question from another viewer, Duplantis described how viewers would be able to physically interact with their savior after the Second Coming.

"Can we touch Jesus? Yes," he said. "Can we actually go up to him and hug him? Yes! And can we speak to him? Yes! That's what's so wonderful about Heaven. We can't do that now in what I call these Adam-like bodies here, these natural bodies, but you will be able to come up to him and hug him and just bless him."

"I saw that," Duplantis, who claims God flew him to Heaven in the 1980s, recalled. "I saw children run up to Jesus and just grab him. Isn't that nice? It was so wonderful."

Watch the video below from Jesse Duplantis Ministries, broadcast March 20, 2016.