New model of handgun looks just like a smartphone. What could go wrong?
Fox Business Network (Screengrab)

The newest firearm on the market sure is designed to blend in with modern society. But let's just hope nobody has a mix-up with this thing while trying to take selfies — or for that matter, a switch the other way around while defending against a home intruder.

The gun, called the "Ideal Conceal," is made to look exactly like a smartphone in a case. All the owner must do is flip out part of the cover to become a handle, and reveal the trigger mechanism within.

"Well, it was due to an embarrassment that I had," inventor Kirk Kjellberg said during an appearance on the Fox Business Network. "I had gotten my concealed-carry permit, and was carrying my pistol — you know, with the requisite jacket over the top, and somehow or another it got caught on the pistol. And a young boy saw me in the middle of a restaurant, and shouted out very loudly and excitedly that, 'Mommy, mommy! That guy's got a gun!'

"And the whole restaurant, of course, looked at me. So I was like, 'Oh, there's just got to be some other way to do this.' And that's how it came about.

The gun is a Deringer-style pistol, with two barrels that will each fire off a single bullet. It will have a selling price of $395.

Kjellberg also said that despite its plastic outer shell, the inner metal components will be caught by a metal detector, and he is also working with the Department of Homeland Security to properly train airport personnel to recognize it in X-ray machines.