Planned Parenthood official skewers the GOP: They’re horrified Trump outed their real abortion views
Planned Parenthood Executive Vice President Dawn Laguens during an interview on CNN (Screencapture)

Planned Parenthood Executive Vice President Dawn Laguens said presidential candidate Donald Trump had exposed the real views of many Republicans.

"A plan to punish women who seek abortion in this country is not news, it's actually the Republican Party platform... they're horrified to have been outed for what they do every day, which is punish women who seek abortions. To back laws that tell doctors they must lie to women, to work to shut down clinics, to ban certain procedures that doctors say are important for women's safety and health," she said Thursday morning during an appearance on CNN. "I mean, all of these things. That's what their agenda is day in and day out. They do punish women."

"And so, they can be upset that Donald Trump is saying it out loud and proud, if you will, but I really don't draw a distinction between what the effect of their agenda is in their efforts to punish women every single day," Laguens added.

Trump said Wednesday that women deserve "some form of punishment" for abortion if Republicans successfully outlaw it. He later backtracked, claiming that those who perform abortions -- but not the women who undergo them -- should be punished.

Watch video, uploaded to YouTube by CNN, below: